The warmest surface temperatures on record were recorded in 2018 in the Marshall Islands.  The coral looks sick as it fades to an unhealthy pale white color.  There is some coral bleaching that occurs every year, so how do we measure the amounts in a significant way?  That is what this project is designed to do.  We are going to map off 1000 square feet of reef and document it.  We will count the number of bleached specimen and photograph every square inch.  We'll make charts and graphs showing the amount of bleaching and then return to the same place every year to measure change.  What will we find? 


Will you conduct the same experiment on your reef?   We are seeking partner researchers who can carry out the same project in their location so we can combine our results to create more powerful data.  Send us your story and we will add it to our site!

1000 ft Bleach coral


Project 1000


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What we found


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How to help

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What is Bleaching?

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