2019 brought significantly less coral bleaching than the previous year.  2018 was a significant bleaching event and 2019 was a needed respite.  In spite of the lower levels of bleaching,  some coral bleaching occurs every year. 


This project looks to measure the amount of bleaching and compare each year, so we can get a sense of how our reef is being impacted.   We returned to our 1000 square feet of reef and documented bleaching again this year.  In addition to bleaching, we have observed another really interesting phenomenon in our 1000 square feet.

Baby Coral!


Our 1000 Square Feet is full of tiny coral organisms, most of which are smaller than the palms of a person's hand.  These corals have been growing for a year and provide us with a lot of hope for the restoration of our area after major bleaching events in 2015 and 2018.  Check out the blog articles, videos, and graphics describing our 1000 square feet on this page to learn more.

1000 ft Bleach coral


Project 1000


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What we found


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How to help

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What is Bleaching?

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