Solar Water Project

More Information coming soon on this new and exciting project.

Video Coming Soon

Who Are the Researchers?


Who are the researchers carrying these projects out?  This blog post shares who we are and what we are doing.

What is CICB


What is CICB?  It is not just an acronyn!  This Blog gives a great overview of the project and our hopes going forward.

Clean Islands Clean Beaches


What did we find when we started a project to gather and inventory trash every year on a small, uninhabited island?  This blog explains it all.

Out of the CICB Project


What came from our project - besides just a cleaner beach and island?  Some really important ideas.  We are going to need some help to pull them off, but this blog outlines where we hope to go!

P.R.O. Accomplishments


What do we look back on as our projects continues that give us hope and pride?  This blog explains it all.  There is much still to be done, but there are also many things worth celebrating.

More Blogs Coming!

As we continue our clean up project, keep checking back to see updates on our work!  We can't wait to have the island completely cleaned and we look forward to the data we will collect in a year, when we document what washes ashore!