How do you explain the feeling you get after spending hours cleaning plastic and trash off a beach, only to turn around and see that same beach still looking fully polluted?

Year 3 of Clean Islands Clean Beaches (CICB) showed similar trends to previous years.  Except even more.  For the first time in three years, we started to find diapers in the dozens and more smaller plastic pieces than we could even begin to count.  

The question is where do we go from here?  The picture to the right shows the scene.  The videos, blogs, and infographics below tell the story.  Thanks for spending some time learning about plastic pollution in the Marshall Islands and helping be a part of the sollution.


What did we find?


What are the strangest, most random things we found?  This blog talks about some of the bizarre things to wash ashore our island.

What Next?


Our island was covered in more trash than last year.  So where do we go from here?  Read about that in this blog post.

Where is the trash from?


In this blog post, one researcher talks about the fact that this tiny uninhabited island should not be able to have this much trash on it.

Clean Islands Clean Beaches


What came from our project - besides just a cleaner beach and island?  Some really important ideas.  We are going to need some help to pull them off, but this blog outlines where we hope to go!

How did it feel to see all the trash?


What do we look back on as our projects continues that give us hope and pride?  This blog explains it all.  There is much still to be done, but there are also many things worth celebrating.

More Blogs Coming!

Year two of this project brought some interesting revelations.  Check out the rest of the blog articles to learn more about plastic pollution and how it is impacting our islands.