a voice for the ocean

While there are actions that are hurting our oceans, there are twice as many entities trying to help them. People all around the world are taking initiative by creating non-profit organizations, by participating in beach clean-ups, and by producing ocean-friendly restaurants and gardens. Others are bringing awareness to a specific issue that they think is the most threatening.

Surfrider Foundation is one organization that has been working to improve the conditions of our oceans and to inform the public about the issues facing them. Founded by Glenn Hening in 1984, they have multiple campaigns and programs lining the coasts of the United States and nearby islands. Their mission is to “make the ocean more accessible, make clean water more available, preserve the coasts, protect the ocean, and prevent plastic pollution by raising awareness and taking action to protect the oceans and the beaches surrounding us.”

Some of their major accomplishments include:

-Creation of ocean friendly restaurants on coast lines

-Chapters- areas that the foundation has made a part of their program to protect and make better for everyone around that area

-Creating more accessible beaches throughout our nation

In the future, this organization will proceed to serve as a voice for the ocean by continuing to turn their “passion into protection.” Surfrider will keep creating chapters and programs in North America and its surrounding island nations. They will continue to find ways to benefit our oceans.

My plan for helping improve the health of the ocean involves addressing certain issues that I think are more concerning when compared to the others. Nowadays, the majority of people who are trying to raise awareness for our oceans tend to blame the issue on the audience. . . but that is not effective at all. Everyone, including myself, is at fault. By taking a different approach and simply informing them and showing them the wonders below the surface, I think we would be able to make a very meaningful impact. After addressing the major issues like over-fishing, I would carry out an action plan. I would try to slow the demand or intake of fish from our oceans to local fisheries or large processing companies. Then, depending on the success from that plan is where I would address the next largest issue and so on.

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