an underwater world

The Oceans are what make up most of our world. They are huge bodies of water all interconnected surrounding our homelands. When I think of the ocean, I see something full of natural power and mystery, which is scary. The ocean is filled with many different variations of life. Even after the many years of ongoing research, we still have not uncovered all of the hidden properties and lifeforms that lurk below the surface. As we continue to learn more, we will have a better answer for what our ocean is and what it is made of.

-I believe the ocean is an essential part of our lives, especially while living in the RMI.

-I believe we need to understand the ocean more than we do currently.

-I believe that the ocean is more important to some people compared to others.

-I believe we have the ability to discover new forms of life with the ongoing creations of technology.

-I believe the ocean has a type of strength that can not only damage, but recreate beyond what we can imagine.

-I believe the ocean is the main reason we will always have a curiosity for new things.

I don’t think we will ever be able to define the ocean. We can try and get as close as we possibly can, but there will always be something we don’t know. Thus, making the ocean undefinable. We can find ways to explain our findings and thoughts about what we think this great mass of water truly is. Now, understanding the ocean is totally different. As a whole, we can try to understand the oceans through the abundance of life within them, the physical and chemical properties of the ocean, and how we interact with the life forms living there. In future posts, I will share research and other information on what I have discovered.

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