Coral bleaching in the Marshall Island!!

Coral bleaching is a natural occurrence when the water becomes too warm. With this, the coral expels the algae (zooxanthellae) causing the coral to become bleached, which shows a white color of the coral. To be exact, coral bleaching means that corals will die, and may not likely to survive, but thanks to many experts and successful observers, there are some ways we can prevent coral bleaching from occurring.

The Marshall Islands, is a small pacific island-country, where 99.0% of it is ocean. Within the Marshall Islands’ ocean, about 1.0% of coral reefs are present, which means very little is here with us. In the Marshall Islands, we too experience coral bleaching events in coral bleaching events that occur throughout the whole world. Coral bleaching is indeed a problem for the Marshall Islands, due to the fact that it protects the island’s coastline from surging waves, storms, floods. As a matter of fact, throughout 2014 and 2015, observations have been made that it was when corals and locations were most affected by coral bleaching. According to the Marshall Islands Journal, in November 2018, that Kwajalein lagoon had reached its highest temperatures, that caused coral bleaching.,was%20visible%20this%20past%20week Bleaching occurred in areas along the Ebeye-Guegeegue causeway. Thanks to Pacific Research Organization, its goal is to inform the world about coral bleaching events that’s occurring yearly round, and tell the world why coral bleaching is a problem and what positive solutions we can put forth to at least prevent serious consequences from coral bleaching.

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