Gehh island trash-This is how we can make it better!

Picking up trash at Gehh is not the only way to solve the problem. Small islands like Gehh deserve more response and focus from us. One of the ideal steps that we can take is push for more strict legislation that can eventually stop the use of plastic around our local communities. With these legislation, we can successfully have our government and other agencies to be more involved in establishing cleaner environments, which Gehh can be one. For example, we can assure our government’s help in setting certain areas to be highly regulated and protected to save the environment and creatures. Other actions we can take is to try to get all organizations involved in helping change our ways without using plastic, but other needed resources. Establishing partnerships with other organizations can prevent serious impacts to our islands and communities, with partnerships, it will help us throughout solving the trash problem from ending up on islands like Gehh. Educating better ways to encounter plastics and other trash is very crucial, it can make people more aware of the importance of picking up trash. Other than the other solutions, overseeing the construction of more better facilities to recycle our plastics. Facilities can be a very big player in keeping trashes from ending up on Gehh and other uninhabited areas. Overall, we all can solve this problem with these ideas, but you and I can do more to keep our communities and islands clean.

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