How has Gehh’s trash impacted us and the ocean?

During the clean up at Gehh island, it turned out to be very sad and depressing to see how much trash was actually on the island, which is an uninhabited island in a tiny nation that is thousands of miles from any major population center. It was really shocking to find so much trash on Gehh! Where is it coming from? As we approached the island, we saw beautiful green trees and a sandy beach, along with the calm blue ocean, but just for a brief moment. Gehh then turned from a beautiful island to an unexpected mess of human waste. How sad it was for us to step on an island that trash was its main feature. We immediately started to pick up trash, which was a lot. There were plastic bottles that tangled the roots of the plants and trapped creatures like small crabs. All the trash we saw that day has changed our views on Gehh as we thought it would be beautiful throughout our cleaning trip. After all the cleaning we did, there was still a lot left that needed to be picked up. Unfortunately, the trash has taken away what’s precious from us, which is the lively and beautiful islands that we have treasured for many years. As our island clean up came to an end, we were sad that this is the third time cleaning Gehh island, but there hasn’t been any change to it. Even though we cleaned up Gehh, it’s trash might be more effective to our future.


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