is it what it is?

What is the ocean? I’ve been asked that question multiple times but still haven’t found the best way to describe it. So, I’m just going to express my thoughts as naturally as possible. I picture the ocean as a basket of clothes that you’re about to go wash. The further down you get, the more you realize, “WHAT THE HECK! THAT’S BEEN THERE THE WHOLE TIME!” What I’m really saying is that the ocean is mysterious. The more you merge and be ONE with it, the more you realize the unique aspects that it’s been camouflaging the whole time. It’s waiting for the right time to reveal its beauty and wonders that were truly there but has been hidden all this time. The ocean plays hard to get, and to know what it’s hiding, you must actually be one with the ocean meaning you have to actually learn what must be learned about the ocean.

I believe the ocean plays a huge role in civilization on land.

I believe the ocean gives us energy to live.

I believe the ocean has a way to heal our lives.

I believe we can do more to help the ocean.

I believe we are the reason why the ocean is failing us.

The ocean is a way to connect life under water with life on land. It shows how life in the ocean has a role to every living creature on land. The beauty of the ocean comes from the shadows which the ocean illuminates. It may look creepy but once you actually go towards it, the shadow reveals the true beauty. The ocean includes many living creatures and marine plant life. The ecosystems are magnificent and the diversity is eye-opening. All of these - the ecosystems, living things, properties, and human interactions - will be studied to tell us what the ocean r

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