Life Surrounded by the ocean

The ocean is home to the majority of life on Earth, including mine. I live on an island in the Pacific Ocean called Ebeye Island. Long ago, my ancestors used to rely heavily on the ocean as a food source, and till this day it still is. My uncles, brothers, fathers, and grandfathers etc. fish from this very ocean in order to feed their family, whether they eat it or sell it. The ocean is also a means for transportation. Every morning I use the ocean as a route to go to school on another island called Kwajalein. The ocean offers me many opportunities. The ocean has opened many doors for the RiKataks and myself. It allows us to shape our future in order to return back to help our community/country. When I mean helping our country, I also mean helping the ocean for future generations to be allowed to have these opportunities that I have. From experience, I learned that the ocean is a window of opportunities.

I believe the Ocean is a blessing.

I believe the Ocean is too neglected by humans.

I believe we depend on the ocean.

I believe the Ocean is a window of opportunities.

I believe we must preserve the Ocean.

I believe we need to clean the ocean.

Although the ocean is significant in many of our lives, not much is being done to keep it healthy. Many marine animals today are becoming extinct. The ocean is vast and would be hard to investigate every part of it, so I’ll be focussing on the ocean surrounding the Marshall Islands and helping my country before moving on to the next big thing. Maybe I might not be able to accomplish much, but future Marine Biology students might be able to build off of the work that I started. With that in mind, I will be recording information in future post about how humans affect the ocean (both negatively and positively), its ecosystems, the life in it, and its physical and chemical properties.

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