marine Bio researcher- Ayele Corder

Hi my name is Ayele Corder. I am a Marine Biology researcher. I’m from a small island in the Marshall Islands called Kwajalein. I am interested in the ocean because I’ve been surrounded by it for as long as I can remember. I want to learn more about our ocean and the environment so I can help make it better. My favorite place to go is to the beach and I hate the fact that I always see trash washed up on the shore. My goal is to pick up as much trash from a small island located here in the Marshalls. My colleagues and I will then sort and count our trash to show the world how much waste is washed up into our islands. Coral is also a very important part of our ocean. Since the ocean water temperature is getting warmer, coral bleaching is happening. I hope to stop the coral bleaching from spreading by growing more coral. I am looking forward to cleaning the ocean and improving our environment for a better future.

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