• Aaron

My source of life

To me the ocean is the source of all life. Life started in the ocean and migrated outwards and upwards to land. It’s vastness keeps the planet alive in more ways than are thought. The ocean is more important to fuel the planet with life, water, and a flourishing ecosystem. I’ve been connected to and living with the ocean my entire life. By living on various tropical and temperate islands and only islands throughout my life, the ocean has surrounded my life and its experiences. Those islands drew me to their edges where the sand meets the water. All those islands had many types of various shores and they all taught me so much about just the surface of the planets large blue crust. From exploring reefs to sailing the surface the ocean has filled my childhood that big blue mass has been my source of life.

I believe the ocean is powerful and dangerous

I believe we need the ocean to survive but we need to take only what we need from it

I believe the ocean and its unknowns make it dream-able of what could be down there

I believe the ocean needs to be saved

I believe the ocean can be saved if we give it the proper attention

I believe the ocean is in danger because of humans

Despite all this time I’ve spent with the ocean I and others know so little of what it contains and hides. I also have little knowledge of how it works as a whole outside of those little islands I have lived on. Throughout this paper I will discuss the ocean and its current health-state, or how humans have affected it. The ocean is still a gigantic mystery and I plan to learn about how it works, what it contains, what hurts it and much more as I continue throughout this class and the research I do.

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