Ocean issues

The connection between the ocean and human is much more complex than a lot of people realize. Everybody relies on the ocean in some way such as weather, transportation, food, or something else. The ocean makes most of our oxygen for us and the ocean also consumes more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere does. There are also people that love to go on ocean cruises. The ocean also affects the climate because it affects the temperature of the earth.(https://oceanservice.noaa.gov › facts › why-care-about-ocean) “The more fossil fuel we burn will slow down the ocean’s absorption of carbon dioxide.(https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/features/OceanCarbon) The ocean is facing many issues like overfishing, pollution, coral bleaching, sea level change, and oil spills.

One issue that is important is overfishing because the more we fish the less mature fish there are to help grow their population. The fishermen in the local areas are working hard with wildlife conservation organizations to help replenish the fish. I believe that the fish will eventually be able to replenish their population, hopefully. So that, in the next couple of decades fishing can go back to the way it was where there was enough fish for everybody because not as many fish were being caught.

We could team up with some of the nonprofit save the ocean organizations to try to make marine protected areas like CICB, we could also educate others about what we know,we make consumer smart choices,we could also monitor how much fish is being caught in certain areas, and not fish as many fish at the same time. This decision will help save our oceans.

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