Our next steps

Following our previous venture to the coral head, the Marine Biology class will work with the engineering class to out plant healthy, grown corals from our coral nursery. We will be designing "clips" to attach the living coral to the dead corals, in an attempt to restart and restore our coral reef. When our nursery has reached a certain capacity of healthy coral, we will take about 75% of the corals and begin the planting process. The rest will be left to maintain the nursery.

Where we plant the healthy corals will depend on the areas. We may plant some in the 1000 sq ft of coral that we are counting however, there are several other areas of which are in need of healthier coral. The process will take long and our class may not see the results by the end of the school year (about 4 months) or even by the time we graduate(about 16 months). Though we may not see the effects of our work, we are excited to allow the classes following us to watch the coral reef slowly became beautiful again.

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