Pacific Research Organization Accomplishments

The Kwajalein Marine Biology class took a trip to the small Island of Gehh to collect trash that was washed up on shore and to do a research of the Island’s surrounding. What they found was more than just trash. The tip of the Island was connected to another Island, but now what is left is just a sandbar that may soon be potentially wiped and just turn into a passage that connects the ocean side to the lagoon side.

The Marine Biology class ended up using their whole time on the island cleaning and picking up rubbish that was either washed up on the shores or left on the island by visitors. As they anchored their boats on the shores of the Island, they took in the majestic and beautiful view of the Island, but they had no idea of what they were about to encounter on the Island.

The class put on their snorkeling gear and headed for the Island. As they got onto the shore the class realized that there was so much trash It covered every square inch of the island. The group started collecting as much trash as they could and dragged their garbage bags out to the boats. The following day , the group did an inventory of the trash and the numbers of rubbish that was collected did not amount the number of trash that was left on the Island.

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