pride -A MarsheLlese Student's Perspective

I take pride in the R.M.I. because this is my home, and it needs to get better. This is a place I will always cherish and keep close to my heart. This island has been with me for my whole life.

Everyone here in the Marshalls can tell you how much pride we have for our homeland. Our pride is big and strong. We Marshallese love our islands. The Marshall Islands is a place of tradition and culture. These two aspects are really important here in the Marshall Islands. We are all connected by the tradition and culture. Even though we are split into two different island chains, we still have the same traditional and cultural aspects that links us together.

We take pride in fishing. Fish is a very popular meal here. We eat fish a lot because we live near the ocean, and it is easy to catch and consume. With all the pollution going in the ocean, it is harder to eat fish because they have become bad to eat because all the pollution they have consumed. If we continue to pollute the ocean, all of our fish are gonna become non edible anymore. That is why my marine bio class created the Pacific Research Organization.

We created this organization to make our ocean healthier. Our pride persuaded us to make this organization and help the ocean. We have done some projects that we think will benefit our ocean. My class went to a deserted island here and saw how polluted the beach was. It was covered in plastics products, soda cans, and a lot of different trash. We cleaned the beach hoping it will help the ocean. Our ocean is very important, and we should be helping it and not hurting it. We Marshallese need to combine our pride to make our ocean healthier. Help us make the R.M.I. waters great.

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