Project 1000 sq feet

The Pacific Research Organization has a project called the 1000 square feet, this project to take time and record coral bleaching. The main goal of this project is to let the world know about the problem. We are the only ones doing this project, we hope it can be effective and others might benefit from it.

Works that the Pacific Research Organization show how corals are changing from year to year. Here, we have picked an area 1000 square feet, and started our observations. Most of the corals within this 1000 square feet are dead, which there is no possibility for them to survive. Last year, 3.5% of the coral were bleached, which can be another reason why there is more dead coral. As of this year, we have 1.8% coral bleached, a good thing there is no coral bleaching event. Speaking of dead coral, about 78.6% coral has died. This is a very sad fact that we have observed, but it came out that 19.6% corals are still healthy. We believe that if our project, 1000 square feet goes on to be successful, then we are able to reach out to many people as possible to be aware of such places like Kwajalein and the Marshall Islands. Furthermore, the project 1000 square feet is willing to work with other organizations or groups who are looking for coral bleaching numbers or statistics. Last but not least, we hope all those who are aware of the PRO’s work, our world can become a better place if we can bring different solutions to at least prevent coral from dying from year to year.

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