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So many fish!

From this project, I found out that there are many fish in our coral head. Our group counted the most fish out of the other coral head locations. The most abundant fish was the blue damsel. Our coral head was sprawling with these. There were over 1500. I don’t think there was ever a time where we couldn’t see one. We found about 18 different species of fish. We also had 28 unidentified fish, due to distance from the camera and being far away. There were many interesting things going on like goatfishes and parrot fishes feeding on the bottom of the sea floor, big snappers swimming by in pairs, schools of damsles swimming together, etc.

I learned that the coral head supports all these fish. I was surprised that over 1500 blue damsles hang around the coral head. I wished to see like schools of trivolli or rainbow runners, but in the hour footage we got, we unfortunantly didn´t see any. I also learned that many rabbit fishes swim by the coral head. The most surprising fish we found was a type of pacific spadefish. We couldn´t really see the fish in the video, but we saw a big fish that looked like a spadefish. We also saw 2 triggerfish that also surprised me. The next time I go out to the coral head, I want to see if I can see if I can see as many or more blue damsels in the hour long video.

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