That's So Random!

Prior to our afternoon trip to the island of Gehh, we talked a little bit about what we thought we would find. Many of us said things like plastic bottles, shoes, glass, etc. However, on the picturesque white sand beaches, we found much more than those few items we listed off. Covering the sand, shells, and palm fronds were mounds of trash that had washed ashore over the last year. As we combed the beach, many of us found items we thought would never be found in such a place.

To start off our list of random items, we found pieces that (when put back together) would form a shopping cart and others that would form a toilet seat. Along with those strange finds, we also found artificial plant decor in a styrofoam block, a cooler, a rocking horse, a fully-intact Clifford stuffed animal, and multiple dirty diapers. Lastly, we found a fishing net with an area that measured close to 300 square feet.

Altogether, there was much more trash than what is listed above. After our trip, many people asked if there was more or less trash than what we expected and what our most shocking find was. Well here they are… the most random and strange pieces of trash we collected. Who would’ve thought that these items would wash up on OUR shores?

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