The beauty of the Rmi

What is the beauty of the Marshall Islands? The beauty of the Marshalls lives in marine animals, coral reefs, tide pools, sunrises and sunset that lie across our horizon. The beauty of the Marshalls is surrounded by our big, supportive, beautiful ocean filled with many fun animals. The beauty of the Marshalls is tall, big palm trees with huge or small coconuts where we drink and eat the meat inside the coconuts when they fall out of the palm trees. The culture is the main beauty in the RMI because it shows respect and provides a window into how we should treat our islands to keep them clean and healthy for people who have never lived or seen the RMI.

I think the most beautiful thing in the RMI is the sunsets. Living out here my whole life, the beautiful colors of the sunsets bring me happiness and show the true and real beauty of the RMI. Staring into the sunsets makes The Marshall Islands is a place you never want to leave. Out here in the Pacific, you can find many turtles, fish, dolphins, and more. The ocean is a big help to us because it provides fishing, which is so important to our livelihood.

Many fishermen hop on their boats and go fishing; catching lots and lots of fish which we share freely with each other.

We see the effects of overfishing and how it has been a problem here in the Marshalls. We’re trying to spread the word so that the fishes don’t become endangered or extinct. The beauty in the RMI is something you don’t want to miss. Being able to wake up with a beautiful sunrise, unique to our little spot on the map, and close the day with one of our colorful sunsets reminds me every day how lucky I am to call this place home.

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