the crown observation

Hour of biodiversity

One hour of recording my coral head CROWN showed me the amount of biodiversity that can be around a single coral head. From corals to small, medium,large fish to the small hydroids that floated by. We counted a total of 26 species that ranged from small to big fish. The fish we saw the most was the rabbit fish. We saw these fish cross the camera 57 times. The largest fish that passed the cam was either the red snapper of the bluefin trevally. The most common fish that we saw was the rabbit fish, the lined bristletooth , and the brushtail tang.

While watching the recording I was really excited to maybe see a big shark or something swim by the camera. Although that didn't happen I was really interested by how the fish we did see reacted to the camera. It was cool to see them look at it, swim by it, and sometimes even hit it. Even though nothing MASSIVE swam by it was still cool.

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