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The human and ocean relationship

Humans and the ocean have a very severe and important connection that has existed since the beginning of our species. Some of the more obvious connections are it being a major food source for nearly the entire world, as well as a very common, cheap and necessary form of transportation. According to savethesea.org, 3.5 billion people depend on the ocean for their primary source of food. Lesser known connections with the ocean are climate control, tons of water worldwide, electricity, and much more. This leads to some obvious issues due to the amounts of resources being utilized.

People rely too much on the ocean without properly realizing or taking care of it and what could end up within or missing from it. On the positive side, the ocean provides us with many necessary and beneficial resources to live healthy lives. As for what we do the ocean, the list seems to be short, however a large percentage of people devote their lives to protecting, restoring, and saving the ocean. The ocean and my life has been interlocked due to the fact that I have only lived on the islands my entire life. It has surrounded my thoughts, activities and life since birth, and I plan to keep the ocean involved in my life for many years to come.

In my short time on this planet, amazingly I have seen the effects of plastic pollution. When I would travel to outer islands with my family around the age of 8, there was little or no plastic on the beach. I can remember looking at a beach and only seeing the white and yellow colors of the sand. Nowadays, 9 years later, I go to the same islands and cant look down the beach without seeing the blues greens reds and various other colors of the plastic scattered across the beach. This sight upsets me now that life is being choked by these new plastic colors on the beach. If behavior and results like this continue, there may not be a beach on the planet without plastic on it.

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