toblar biodiversity

After watching our video of the TOBLAR coral head, I was truly shocked. Our video was filled with so many different species. Not only were there more species than I thought there would be, but the colors were so vibrant on some of the fish. One specific fish was the Sunset Wrasse. Though it was in the juvenile stage, the colors stood out among the other fish nearby. I am not sure what our total was; however, within the first twenty-six minutes, we had over 15 different species and weren’t able to count every single fish we saw. We found fish like the Dark Surgeonfish that seemed to travel in schools. We also seemed to have a lot of the Brushtail Tangs. We also recorded a great shot of a Threadfin Butterflyfish.

From this project, I learned that the ocean has more wonders than what I seemed to believe. I did not think that our video would capture as much as it did. There were so many species of tropical fish that I didn’t even know existed. I learned about the different “categories” that each species fits under. Prior to this project, I had no clue what the name of “that one fish from Nemo” was (Moorish Idol). I also would’ve never been able to tell you the difference between a wrasse or a surgeonfish. This project was very informative and I think it was beneficial for those like me who didn’t know a lot about the species in our waters.

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