unknown universe on earth

The ocean is a very mysterious place. We may not know much about it, but everyday we know a little bit more. People always look at articles and see that the ocean is dying because of them. I have lived in the great state of Georgia for 17 years, I went to the beach only once a year. The ocean has really never been really important to me, but I know it is a beautiful place with vibrant amounts of creatures.

-I believe the ocean is an unknown Universe that needs to be explored before we go to other Universes.

-I believe the ocean is a vast place for biodiversity.

-I believe the ocean has the secrets to life hidden in the deepest parts of her.

-I believe the ocean is a place of constant life and death.

-I believe the ocean has the ability to create life and destroy it with ease.

However, they never get to see the true beauty of these creatures, the reasons to keep the creatures thriving, or even how the ecosystems are being impacted. In this essay I will be going into depth on the items above. Thus I will help answer one of life's great questions: what is the ocean?

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