What Can People Do To Try and Reduce Coral Bleaching?

To help our coral reefs in the Marshall Islands, people can start by using less water and by not leaving the water running. People could also volunteer in helping clean up the beaches so there is less trash floating and sinking in our ocean which affects our coral. When you go snorkeling or diving, you should try avoiding stepping on the coral heads or coral reefs, because even though they may look dead, they’re still somewhat alive. Also when you’re anchoring your boat, try to avoid hitting the coral so we do not kill any. Some types of coral are very fragile like a gift and take a very long time to grow on the rocks. Because of his, people should avoid touching them. Oil spills have also played a major role in affecting our ocean. The spilled oil damages our coral reefs, which is why we should try not using chemicals near the ocean.

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