What Can We Predict in the Future?

If we don’t help protect our coral reefs, our coral reefs will eventually bleach completely and die. If this happens, we will not have any beautiful coral to look at in the ocean.. Not only will we lose our coral reefs, but sea creatures will also lose their homes. The reef that is home to over 600 different species of coral is called the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef had different colorful types of coral and coral heads, but due to climate change and temperature change, it eventually lost its color and many coral reefs had become bleached or dead.

If we help inform each other about coral becoming bleached and dying, then we could help save the ocean! Some scientists have already started to find ways on how we can prevent our coral from being bleached and dying. I think that we can help out by spreading the word to make sure we conserve water and by picking up trash so it doesn’t get caught on our coral causing damage to them. Also, when people are diving or snorkeling, they should try to avoid touching or stepping on our coral even if they look dead. In the Marshall Islands, which is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we have already started making progressive with our team on calculating how many coral reefs are alive, bleached, or dead.

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