What is CICB?

Clean Island Clean Beaches

CICB is a project that the Pacific Research Organization (PRO) has come up with to keep islands from being covered in unhealthy debris. Instead of just focusing on specific islands such as the one that they are stationed at, they focus on any island. The population or condition of the island doesn’t matter. We aren't looking for famous beaches or tourist traps.

The group has already taken a trip to an island called Gehh to check it out and do as much cleaning as they possibly can.

The Gehh Island clean up is an ongoing process. The group plans to take another trip to reduce the garbage on the island. The plan is that in the end, there will be no more garbage on the island.

Then the real project begins.

We will return to the island every year and inventory what has washed ashore in the a year's time. We will present our findings and create some momentum in hopes of cleaning the pollution out of our seas. We have a long way to go to clean the island completely and the data we collect will be powerful.

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