What is the Ocean?

The ocean is something I’ve been surrounded by my entire life. Quite literally surrounded-- I live on an island only three miles long and half a mile wide in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. One thing I’ve come to realize is that though all this time I’ve lived less than 200 yards away from one of the most intricate ecosystems in the world, I’ve barely broken the surface of what it contains. Because the ocean is so diverse and complex, there are so many ways to study it. You could classify all of its algae species, measure its deepest depth at the southern tip of Africa, sample how much salt is in the water by Iceland or the Philippines or Chile-- the possibilities are as endless as the ocean itself. Studying the ocean is essential for understanding it, and understanding it enables us to change it.

I believe the ocean is not one thing alone and cannot be accurately described in a few words.

I believe the ocean is something we have the power to change.

I believe the ocean is underappreciated.

I believe the ocean is powerful.

I believe the ocean is threatened.

The ocean is a principal part of our world. We have an important role in the way the ocean changes. It’s interesting because we depend on something that we have the power to destroy or protect, and we’re not the only ones that depend on the ocean. Thousands of ecosystems fill its depths with millions of organisms. Knowing and understanding the ocean can be done by studying its inhabitants, properties, and connection with humans.

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