What is the ocean?

What is the ocean? The ocean is a part of me. It is a piece of of who I am. Having lived near it for most of my life, I have a deep love and respect for it’s beauty and might. We all know that the ocean is dying. So if the ocean is dying, that means a part of myself is as well. The ocean is, as incredulous as it is to believe, crucial for the survival of our world.

  • I believe the ocean is beautiful

  • I believe the ocean is complex

  • I believe the ocean is not yet fully understood

  • I believe the ocean is essential and important

  • I believe the ocean is being harmed

  • I believe the ocean is in need of our help

  • I believe the ocean can be saved

To save the ocean, we first have to understand it. We have to learn about life in it, it’s ecosystems, its chemical composition, physical properties, and how human life interacts with it. The ocean, to me, is an empty book waiting to be filled, and we are the authors. As we are writing to fill this book, we must keep in mind that it will be read for generations to come. We must write an epic, not just a novel. We must close off the doors to short, monetary gains and open our minds to the ideas for preservation. Not just preservation for us, but preservation for our world, because, like it or not, if our ocean dies, we die. If our ocean overflows, we die. If our ocean overheats, we die. If our ocean no longer has any fish to raise, we die. If we treat the ocean with nothing but respect and love, we live.

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