what is the ocean?

What is the Ocean?

The ocean is a center of life for us humans and many other creatures. For many generations, the ocean has been a god-like treasure for my people. It has provided my people with food and other necessities that we needed. That is why fish and other seafood have been a huge portion of our diet. In other words, the ocean is the center of our way of living in our islands. The ocean also has been a way of transportation from island to island. As one of the greatest navigators of time, my people have used the ocean to navigate their ways to reach any destination with their canoes. It is really important for a person like me, it has connected our islands to the way it is today. Since I was born, the ocean has played a huge role in my life and until this day I still feel connected to the ocean.

  • I believe the ocean should be preserved more seriously

  • I believe the ocean have a lot of unknown creatures

  • I believe the ocean has helped shaped my culture

  • I believe the ocean provides most of our food and resources

  • I believe the ocean is on the brink of destruction

The ocean can be a hard thing to define for the most part, but if we look at the human interaction, it will be more understanding. On the other hand, various ecosystems make up parts of our ocean, which is an easier way to see and understand it. Organisms are also one of the four components to understand the ocean. Using all these four components, I think there will be a greater knowledge and understanding of the wide ocean that spreads throughout our world.

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