What is the Ocean to Me

The ocean is the center of all life. It produces a lot of the world’s food. It is also a center of life, so many types of creatures. Everyone has a love for the ocean in someway. My love is to be on the water either fishing or diving. When I’m diving, I feel free. I feel weightless. When I am fishing, I feel connected to the ocean. My lines in the water waiting for a strike and the battle against powerful creatures one on one. But if we do not take care of our oceans, those things we love will be forgotten.

I believe the ocean is beautiful.

I believe the ocean needs to be protected by the people of the world.

I believe the ocean is home to most of the world's life and that they need to be protected

I believe the ocean is a main resource of food for the world.

I believe the ocean was where all life came from and will ultimately end if we do not take care of it.

The ocean is a place of unknown potential, but if we do not protect our oceans that potential is gone. I believe that if we do not protect the oceans now, it will be too late. The ocean is the most essential part for the survival of our planet. We need to understand how we are affecting the ocean and the ecosystems within it,how we can help the ocean and its organisms , and how to understand the oceans chemical and physical properties.

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