Who are the researchers?

Who are the Pacific Research Organization researchers?

We are a group of 8 Marshallese students from a Marine Biology class here on an island called Kwajalein. Kwajalein is part of The Republic of the Marshall Islands. The RMI is a sovereign nation that is isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean miles north of the equator. It consists of 27 atolls, which are made up of tiny islands.

Our Marine Biology class started with one student, but it slowly increased to 8 students. We are helping each other accomplish these big goals together now that we are a group of 8 passionate about our ocean and ensuring it stay beautiful. The Clean Island Clean Beaches (CICB) is our first of many goals that we are trying to accomplish. Our goal isn’t only to accomplish something this big, we also want to partner up with you to accomplish this together.

Go out there, look for trash, pick it up, and make your home a lot cleaner.

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