Who are the researchers

If you are asking who are the students in the Marine Bio class, anybody in KJSHS would most likely say “Connor, Kye, Jaci, Makena, Aaron, Brent, Owen, Iolani, Hilai, Julia, Cam, and Yuto.” but we like to think of ourselves more than just Marine Bio kids. We, including Mr. Gerber, are a diverse group of individuals, researching and striving towards our goals.

We are driving towards becoming well known to others, not only in the Marshall Islands, but to the whole world. We are trying to raise awareness about our inhumanity to the sea’s well being.

You may be wondering how we, a group of kids from a small island, will become world famous in just a year. Our chances are slim, and we are very well aware of that, but we will do as much as we can to become more active and stay active on the web. Not only will we do that, but we will also be going out to DO things. We are not that class that learns about things and not do anything with that knowledge.

We are a body of ambitious students who are not only raising awareness about our oceans. How exactly are we going to be “doing” things? Well, the projects we are going to complete this year include a major research project called Clean Islands Clean Beaches.

For this project we will be analyzing the trash that has washed up on the beach of an uninhabited island in the last year. This is an ongoing project to learn about plastic pollution.

We will be measuring coral bleaching by returning to the same spot on the reef as previous researchers to determine how much bleaching has occurred this year compared to the past. We hope to learn how well the reef is healing after bleaching events and which corals are most at risk.

We will also study biodiversity levels to determine how our animal life is doing. We hope to see biodiversity levels increasing or remaining high as we study coral heads year in and year out. If biodiversity levels are going down, then we know there may be larger problems to investigate.

Becoming a big influencer is hard work, so we are also setting good examples and leaving big footprints on the sands of our beaches for future researchers to follow in the upcoming years.

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